Temperature Control Services

What Are Temperature Control Deliveries?

Transporting goods with a heated van is an ideal solution when considering long distances that occur during the spring, fall and winter months. Temperatures tend to be cooler if not below the freezing point during these times depending on the location especially. Certain products, most commonly liquid based products, simply cannot risk the chance of being exposed to cooler temperatures because they may break down and simply degrade based on their unique properties.

A heated dry van is an appropriate option for products that require a desired temperature to maintain its integrity upon delivery that Lion Force can accomplish with its heated trucking service. Lion Force has invested in equipping its trailers with electronic temperature monitoring systems that provide up-to-date information to the drivers and the administrative team to ensure compliance with your desired heated requirements.

Ideal Products for Temperature Control Shipping


Industrial Chemicals

Ink & Toner For Printers

Juices & Beverages


Pharmaceutical Products

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