Expedited Logistical Services

What are Expedited Logistical Services?

Lion Force offers expedited logistical services to customers looking for a faster delivery than the standard delivery service. These shipments are prioritized over standard shipments for those who are in need of delivering goods in a short amount of time whether it’s the same-day, next-day and deliveries within one to three days offered in Ontario, Quebec, and the United States. Expedited logistical services is a fast and cost-effective shipping option for both small and large shipments that are time sensitive by rarely stopping along the delivery route. Depending on the distance, Lion Force will assign two drivers for expedited deliveries that are longer in distance to reduce the transit time from start to finish. The additional cost of expedited services attributes to the speed, real-time updates, minimal handling and most importantly provides you with the peace of mind that your shipment will arrive safely and on time.

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