About Lion Force Transportation Inc.

Lion Force Transport Inc. is one of the best and growing cross-border and Canadian logistics service providers from Mississauga specializing in LTL (less than truckload), FTL (full truckload), expedited, heated, HazMat and dry van services. Located conveniently in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada close to highway 401, 410, and 407; Lion Force services clients located in the Midwest and Southern United States of America (USA) as well as across Ontario and Quebec. Lion Force is here to help service and tailor to specific client needs.

2 Provinces & 28 States

Committed to Excellence

Tailored Solutions

At Lion Force, we’re committed to excellencesafetyhonestytimelinesscustomer service and satisfaction.

We continue to invest in both our resources and team to continue servicing and growing our client relationships. Our team is dedicated to open and clear communication to provide a transparent relationship based on trust to service every clients’ unique needs.

When you work with our experienced team at Lion Force, you will understand why we’re one of the best in creating both an efficient and effective logistics solution tailored to your specific demands.

Fleet Maintenance

Lion Force strongly believes in creating best practices and standards that result in reducing logistical costs while improving the efficiency and productivity of each truck and trailer all while complying with government regulations. Regular in-house maintenance and inspection checks are performed, documented and communicated to drivers to keep them informed with our fleet management software.

Information Technology

Lion Force continuously invests a tremendous amount of resources to its dedicated IT system to ensure the company’s workflow is both efficient and effective – allowing the focus on serving customer needs. The need to move fast and deliver results quickly to customers can’t be held back by an inadequate IT infrastructure in an ever changing, highly competitive landscape.

24/7 Customer Service

At Lion Force, the attentiveness, clear communication, goal-oriented focus, and willingness to help each other is a core belief that is translated across each function in the company. Communication in itself is a key ingredient to ensuring the simple goal of delivering freight on time and safely is successful achieved. With the use of the latest technology alongside the dispatch team that’s available 24/7, lines of communication are always open.

Our Strategic Certifications

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